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Expand Your I/O Capacity or Interface with External Modbus Devices

In addition to SNMP, Davicom has chosen the MODBUS protocol as a means of adding more I/O capability to its remote site management systems. Both the MEXM-1 and MEXM-2 Expansion Modules use this protocol, in either the RTU or TCP modes, to talk with Davicom units. Opting for this means of expansion also opened the door to directly interfacing with external MODBUS-capable equipment such as Power Generators, HVAC units, GPIO modules and thousands of other devices.

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Davicom MEXM units have been designed to work with all Davicom remote site management units, and they offer an easy and cost-effective solution to increasing units’ analog, digital, and relay I/O capabilities.

MEXM units use the MODBUS communications protocol and are compatible with third-party MODBUS master devices.  When used with Davicom units, communications are completely transparent and setup does not require any technical knowledge of the MODBUS protocol.

The MEXM-1 adds 24 analog inputs, 24 digital inputs, and 24 relay outputs to any Davicom unit while the MEXM-2 adds 64 digital inputs.

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How to Connect the ACPM-1 Modbus Device to the Cortex

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Given the fact that Cortex units have a MODBUS interface as well as an SNMP Manager and SNMP Agent, they can be used as translators to allow SNMP Management Systems to read information from MODBUS devices and also to allow MODBUS slave devices to be controlled by SNMP readings from external SNMP Agents.

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The ACPM-1/208-240 is a self-powered kilowatt hour (kWh) energy and power meter that interfaces with Davicom units over a MODBUS RTU connection (EIA RS-485). The device can be installed on 1, 2 or 3-phase electric power systems and allows precise monitoring of AC voltage levels between 120 and 240VAC. It is suitable for “Y” installations only.

The 3 voltage inputs can be used to monitor 2 phases of Utility supply as well as one separate phase for the site Generator supply.

The ACPM-1 offers high accuracy current measurement capability over a 5A to 5000A range when used with the proper Split Core Current Transformer (SCCT Series) transformers.

The ACPM’s compact size allows for installation inside most electrical service panels and junction boxes. Detachable screw terminals make wiring easy.

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