Power Management

Intelligently Manage Your Utility Power and Generator

Monitor site electrical power and save on battery or fuel consumption by automatically shutting-down non-essential equipment.

Cortex units can use inputs from environmental sensors such as anemometers or lightning detectors to take defensive action by isolating critical circuits before the passage of lightning storms.

Keep a watchful eye on your generator by using the Cortex’s built-in logic functions to ensure it is running when it is supposed to, but more importantly, that it’s not running when it isn’t required.

Cortex units operate with as little as 200mA from a 12VDC supply. They can therefore stay in control of your site, from battery backup power, while still logging critical events during power failures or equipment breakdowns.

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Davicom’s award-winning DVLD-1 lightning detector is designed to give advance warning of the presence and approach of potentially hazardous lightning activity in the vicinity of a transmission site. It uses a receiver and a sophisticated statistical algorithm to analyze electromagnetic signals and to provide an estimate of the distance (up to 40 miles, or 65 km) to a storm.

This storm warning signal can be used to automatically prepare the site against potentially destructive lightning strikes by, for example, starting up the generator, waiting for it to stabilize, and then disconnecting from utility power while the storm passes-by. Smoother site operation is therefore ensured by avoiding chaotic switchovers during a lightning-induced power failure. In addition, important communications links can be protected by temporarily disconnecting them during passage of the storm, thereby ensuring they will still be available for critical communications once the storm has passed.

Davicom’s DVLC-1 Lightning Counter is the perfect complement to the DVLD-1 Lightning Detector. The DVLC-1 detects and counts the actual lightning strikes sustained by a transmission tower.

It is designed to be mounted on one of the tower legs and, thanks to its magnetic pulse detector and fiber-optic cable, will safely signal the Cortex whenever the tower is hit by lightning. This functionality gives site operators better situational awareness as to the reasons why their site may have stopped transmitting, or even better, that the site is still on-the-air despite receiving a hit!


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Schedulers and activity timers are understated, yet powerful features that can be used to achieve a wide variety of functionalities.

For example, if you don’t have an electronic gauge on your fuel tank, you can use the Cortex’s built-in Cumulative Activity Timers to estimate fuel level from total generator run-time. By knowing that your genset uses X gallons of fuel per hour of run time, you can obtain a good estimate of the fuel use simply by checking the total run time. You can even set an alarm to let you know when the generator has been running for a pre-set time limit and the fuel is getting low. If you wish, you can then use the Cortex’s multiple alarm-call lists to send an alert directly to your fuel supplier so that they can schedule a more timely fuel delivery.

The Cumulative Activity Timers can also be used to tally long-term run-time and then schedule maintenance or oil changes on the generator.

What better way to ensure that your generator is available and ready to roll should a power failure occur than to have it automatically do a 10 minute test-run every week or so? The Cortex’s built-in ultra-versatile schedulers can be programmed to trigger a generator test periodically. The test can be set to occur on any day of the week, or day/week of the month, at any time and for whatever duration desired.

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The ACPM-1/208-240 is a self-powered kilowatt hour (kWh) energy and power meter that interfaces with Davicom units over a MODBUS RTU connection (EIA RS-485). The device can be installed on 1, 2 or 3-phase electric power systems and allows precise monitoring of AC voltage levels between 120 and 240VAC. It is suitable for “Y” installations only.

A neat hack is to use the 3 voltage inputs to monitor 2 phases of Utility supply as well as one separate phase for the site Generator supply.

The ACPM-1 offers high accuracy current measurement capability over a 5A to 5000A range when used with the proper Split Core Current Transformer (SCCT Series) transformers.

The ACPM’s compact size allows for installation inside most electrical service panels and junction boxes. Detachable screw terminals make wiring easy.

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