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Cortex units have a built-in SNMP Agent to allow monitoring and control from a central SNMP manager. When activated, this agent allows remote SNMP management systems to perform GETs, SETs and to receive traps from Davicom units.

A unique feature is that Cortex units also have a built-in SNMP Manager. It allows the units to take readings, set controls and receive alarms from SNMP enabled devices. This monitoring and control is achieved over a simple TCP/IP connection between devices, thus greatly facilitating interface wiring. Otherwise incompatible devices can therefore be made to “play well together” and achieve greater operational versatility for remote sites.

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With its SNMP Agent and built-in SNMP Manager, Davicom’s Cortex is a dedicated SNMP appliance. As an appliance, it is not a PC running Windows® that will spontaneously decide it is time to perform a system update or crash into a blue screen. It is running an embedded Manager and Agent that continuously monitors its SNMP inputs and outputs to detect critical activity.

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Davicom Cortex SNMP GET (read) Example on an IP Power Bar

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The Cortex’s SNMP Agent can convert analog readings or contact closures provided by legacy equipment into SNMP-compatible OID’s that can be sent to, or read by, an external SNMP Manager.



The Cortex’s Manager can take readings, make settings and receive alarms (via its built-in TRAP receiver) from other, on-site SNMP-compatible devices, and depending on the situation, it can then take action locally, or even concentrate the information from all the devices and pass it along to a remote SNMP Manager at the Networks Operations Center (NOC).



Thanks to their multiple inputs, outputs and interfaces, Cortex units can convert between different protocols and means of communications:

  • SNMP to Modbus
  • Modbus to SNMP
  • SNMP to relay outputs
  • SNMP to vocal telephone call
  • Telephone (DTMF) to SNMP
  • Telephone (PPP) to SNMP



Since Cortex units are equipped with both an SNMP Agent and an SNMP Manager they can perform a unique feat of self-control. A Cortex unit can actually change its configuration on-the-fly depending on various input conditions.

A real-life example from a customer is that they have set the Cortex to auto-disable its modem for a pre-set time, so it doesn’t answer phone calls during this period. This allows another piece of equipment at the site to answer the phone and communicate its data.

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